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IRIB Mostanad Live – (پخش زنده شبکه مستند)

IRIB Mostanad Live – (پخش زنده شبکه مستند), also known as Shibkahi-ye Mistenud, is Iran’s national documentary television channel. Its name literally translates to “documentary channel.” As the very first Iranian digital channel, it went live on the 6th of October 2009 after its debut. Both satellites and set-top boxes can be used to receive transmissions from this channel.

The Iran Broadcasting Organization is in charge of the administration of all of the high-definition television channels that are owned and operated by the Iranian government.

On July 28, 2019, deputy broadcasting director Seyed Morteza Mir Bagheri ordered Mohsen Yazdi to handle this station.

On July 18, 2020, it was delivered and accepted by the organisation. Terrestrial and satellite receivers started receiving network content in HD and HEVC on December 9, 2019.

Background :

After the Islamic Republic of Iran approved professional documentaries on Cima Channel 4, Cima Documentary Center was founded . Cima Documentary was founded to meet society’s demands and became more professional until the first specialised digital network was created. Cima Documentary Center is credited with being the first specialised digital network.

The broadcasting of IRIB Mostanad Live – (پخش زنده شبکه مستند) which was the first digital broadcasting network of the Islamic Republic. This began on a trial basis on October 14, 2008, and it was officially opened on March 26, 2009. With the official launch of the digital television transmitter in Tehran, this network became the first digital broadcasting network of the Islamic Republic.

Spectrum of broadcasting of IRIB Mostanad Live – (پخش زنده شبکه مستند) :

The programming broadcast by IRIB Mostanad Live – (پخش زنده شبکه مستند) may be heard across the the United States. You can watch this by tuning digital receivers to channel 9 and using terrestrial digital transmitters. In addition, the programmes of this network are sent through the satellites Intelsat 39 and Badr 5 . This may be viewed in Iran as well as in some other countries of Asia.

Both the live internet broadcasting base operated by the Broadcasting Organization and the website operated by the network itself. This makes it possible to view this network’s programming in real time online. The reception of this channel, along with all other TV channels that are linked, is completely free. The IRIB Mostanad Live – (پخش زنده شبکه مستند) once only aired programming for a total of five hours per day . It started at 19:00 and ended at 24:00 . As of right now, this network airs programming for a total of twenty-four hours per day.

Playback in HD (high definition) :

Since the beginning of the trial run, the documentary network’s broadcasts have used an aspect ratio of 4:3. On May 26, 2015, that ratio was changed to 16:9 in an effort to get closer to HD quality. In an effort to enhance the overall quality of television channels. The Documentary Network was established, and transmission of high-definition programming commenced.

Targets of IRIB Mostanad Live – (پخش زنده شبکه مستند) :

The Sima Documentary Network is a specialized network and a database of videos and documentaries about the country. This network has its goals as one of the departments of the Broadcasting Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran . To expand its activities in the field of providing information on documentary films and documentary makers and also covering the tourism programmes of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, and be a reference in these areas. IRIB Mostanad Live – (پخش زنده شبکه مستند) wants to provide more documentary film and filmmaker information. The article begins by “providing the context, developing the culture of recording and supporting the documentary makers of the country.”

The documentary film industry and tourism
This network has just released a website that focuses on tourism in relation to its objectives, in addition to providing an in-depth analysis of the tourist category and the issues that are associated with it.

Programs of IRIB Mostanad Live – (پخش زنده شبکه مستند):

Your Camera is a brief programme that asks viewers for their positive and negative opinions on network shows.


Young and creative Iranian filmmakers made these short documentaries on culture and tourism.


The presenter takes the audience on a journey through the process of filmmaking in this collection. The audience may follow along step by step.


This show is a documentary in which he visits a variety of towns around Iran.

Documentary Camera:

This series takes the style of small episodes ranging from 5 to 7 minutes in length. It shows the social, cultural, and aesthetic challenges.

Iran’s Oral :

History is a documentary series that uses rarely seen photographs from the IROI Broadcasting Archive to tell present-day Iranian history.


In each episode of this series, a controversial documentary from another country that was made in the recent past is shown, and then it is dissected by an authority on the subject.

Documentary Case:

The “Documentary Case” series of shows explores key police cases with the participation of accused persons, professionals, and other relevant individuals in order to educate the general public and bring people’s attention to a wider range of criminal activities.


This collection features films that are current in nature and deal with political themes. (the programme has come to an end)

In order to prevent you from becoming bored, this application makes an attempt to portray a typical working day consisting of challenging and interesting duties through the use of a unique terminology. (the programme has come to an end).

This programme is devoted to short films and animations. It runs for an hour and features interviews with the filmmakers of the featured films, as well as discussions on a variety of themes specifically linked to short films and animations. (the recording will now terminate) 

Ganjineh is a show that airs documentaries that were produced in Iran by some of the country’s most renowned documentary filmmakers throughout the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.

(the recording will now terminate) Golestaneh: Unseen archival photographs from the modern history of Iran or old and unforgettable programmes from 1347 to 1380 are represented in this series as small interludes ranging from 2 to 6 minutes in length. These interludes are presented in the form of the series. (the programme has come to an end)


This documentary was based on the oral memories of Hossein Fardoost, who served as the general of the imperial army and the chief of the special intelligence office during the time of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The oral memoirs were recorded in the middle of the 1960s. (the programme has come to an end) .

TV programme produced by the Youth Cinema Association Each episode of this series of programmes focuses on one of the offices of the Youth Cinema Association located in a different city and airs a film that was produced in the relevant city. Additionally, this series of programmes broadcasts a film that was produced elsewhere in the country. (the programme has come to an end).

Young Cinematographers is a show that airs several short documentaries that were made by members of the Young Cinematographers Association. (the programme has come to an end)  Tamasha is a series of shows that transmits historic documentaries and photos from Iran’s state television that have been repaired and upgraded in quality. These documentaries and visuals have a nostalgic feel to them. (the programme has come to an end)

Cinema of Truth:

is a documentary film series that airs documentaries that were screened during the International Documentary Film Festival of Iran, which takes place in Iran every December. (the programme has come to an end).


The purpose of this software is to make an attempt to depict the visuals that are shown on a regular basis to a large number of people in the virtual realm. This show has an episode that was specifically devoted to delivering a critique of unethical business practises. An expert in the field of entrepreneurship named Reza Ghayabi was asked to join in this edition of the programme. During his time on the show, he presented fundamental business practises to the audience. (the programme has come to an end) .

The progression of the national football team’s contests over the years:

In this documentary, the history of the formation of the Iranian national football team is recounted. The team’s participation in various eras of Olympic qualifying competitions, the Asian Nations Cup, and the Asian Games. The documentary also covers the team’s participation in international tournaments. Veteran national team players and coaches recount the team’s history while showing previously viewed match photos from their personal archives.(the programme has come to an end) . 14th of July, Tuesday: This 21-episode documentary series uses drama and fiction to tell Iran’s nuclear conflict with international powers.

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