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Manoto TV live – (پخش زنده تلویزیون منوتو)

Manoto TV live – (پخش زنده تلویزیون منوتو) OR “You and I’ is the literal translation of the Persian phrase “Manoto,” which is the name of a worldwide Persian language general entertainment channel that went live in October 2010 and is owned by Marjan Television Network. This London-based company broadcasts documentaries, films, television shows, as well as news and other types of programming.

Manoto TV live – (پخش زنده تلویزیون منوتو) , which was established by Keyvan Abbasi and Marjan Abbasi, is the owner of the international free-to-air public service entertainment satellite TV channel known as Menuto. The channel debuted in October 2010 and broadcasts in the Farsi language. Menuto is owned by Marjan TV Network. The centre has its headquarters in London, and its entertainment-scientific and political programming comprises documentaries, films, television series, as well as news and reporting.

According to a recent study, the “most popular” Iranian television channels among Iranian citizens are the Farsi-language stations Iran International and Menuto, both of which are located in London and broadcast in Iran.

Who provide financial support for Manoto TV live – (پخش زنده تلویزیون منوتو) ?

The identities of the people who provide financial support for this network have never been made public; the channel does not disclose where its money comes from, but the Islamic Republic names the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Israel as its sponsors and accuses Menuto of supporting the Pahlavi dynasty. According to a report published in 2011 on Human Rights and Access to Information in Iran Funded by the Foreign Policy Center, an independent think tank based in the UK, Menuto is also funded by venture capitalists; however, the report did not name the venture capital firms that are behind the station. Menuto was funded by the Foreign Policy Center.

Manoto TV live – (پخش زنده تلویزیون منوتو) was first established by the Marjan TV channel, which is currently run by Keyvan Abbasi and Marjan Abbasi. Because to his father’s employment conditions, Keyvan spent the most of his youth in Australia. He established Me and To in London before moving to the United States of America.

This station relocated its transmissions to the Utelsat 7B satellite on December 12, 2015, where they are now available in full HD resolution and stereo sound. Previously, they had been transmitting on the Yahsat satellite.

Programs and presenters OF Manoto TV live – (پخش زنده تلویزیون منوتو):

This network broadcasts a wide variety of programmes in Farsi, including documentaries on topics like as science, history, and nature; television shows; sporting events; women’s problems; and news and analysis of social and political issues. Gogoosh Music Academy, Gogoosh Sham, Dr. Kopi, Sally Talk, Why Not, Man and You Plus, Stage, Time Tunnel, News Room, New Side, Jai Poem Khali, Opposite, Cake Make, He pointed out Tip, Zareshak, Shab Juma, Answer (Gap Time), Question Hour, Three Fazonim, Nim Network, and Blue Shadows series are some of the most popular programmes on this network.

Viewers in Iran and comments :

The Manoto TV live – (پخش زنده تلویزیون منوتو) network has been really well welcomed in Iran, and there are a lot of people that watch it. In the span of fewer than five years since its inception, this network has accomplished the feat of attracting more viewers than other satellite channels such as Jam, BBC Farsi, and Voice of America combined. million times up till September 2018), despite the fact that the appeal is not faultless, but because to the lack of impartial polling institutions in Iran, some analysts have resorted to this approach in order to analyse its popularity.

The Israeli covert intelligence service, the Mossad, is waging a psychological war against Iranian public opinion, according to the Iranian government’s interpretation of the activities of this network, which they claim takes place within the scope of that conflict.

Following the achievements of the show “Sham Irani,” an identical show called “Sham Irani” was replicated and shown on Iran’s domestic television network.

Manoto TV live - (پخش زنده تلویزیون منوتو)
Watch Manoto TV live – (پخش زنده تلویزیون منوتو) | live for free and HD quality . Manoto is of Persian language general entertainment channel.

Policy considerations and financial resources :

Manoto TV live – (پخش زنده تلویزیون منوتو), which belongs to Marjan and Keyvan Abbasi, reportedly derives its money from a number of venture capitalists, however this research did not name any of these venture capitalists. The paper was produced in 2011 by an English think tank named Foreign Policy Center. The reporter for Reuters claims that Keyvan and Marjan Abbasi avoid the attention of the media and, along with other officials of the Man and To network, are unwilling to be interviewed despite the numerous requests for their opinions. The names of the organisations that provide funding for this network continue to be kept secret, as reported by the Financial Times. However, there are Iranian experts who feel that this network is purposefully and covertly trying to promote the Pahlavi imperial administration.

Manoto TV live – (پخش زنده تلویزیون منوتو) focuses on the younger age and broadcasts live events including the Miss World competition, the Golden Globe Awards, and the Grammy Awards. From the perspective of observers and professionals in the media industry, what role, if any, politics plays in the financial strategy of the owners of the network is not quite evident.

According to an article that a writer for the Guardian named Saeed Kamali Dehghan authored, the widespread consensus is that the network has tight ties to the royalists. The network devotes a lot of attention to Iran before the revolution and portrays that time period in a positive light. The financial statement for the network reveals that between 2016 and 2017, it incurred a loss of 33 million pounds. Since 2012, the network has refused to disclose its funding and has not provided any explanation in response to inquiries seeking this information.

Studies at a university Manoto TV live – (پخش زنده تلویزیون منوتو) :

Several academic studies have focused their attention on analysing this network. A survey was conducted in Qaimshahr and the surrounding villages, and viewers over the age of 16 were asked to rank 13 satellite channels according to their preference in watching, with 1 being the most preferred and 13 being the least preferred. The results of the survey showed that the Man and To channel came in fifth place.

It was found in a study that compared the news on Sima channel 1 (news section 21), Khabar channel (news section 22), BBC Farsi (60 minutes programme), and Man and To TV (newsroom programme) that fifty percent of the news on Man and To TV only reflects the opinions of competing groups in the newsroom programme. According to the findings of this study, there was not a discernible difference in the amounts of neutrality induction provided by each of these networks to the viewers.

According to the findings of another study that was carried out among young people in Tehran, the degree of trust that young people have in BBC Farsi news is greater than the levels of trust that young people have in Khabar, Voice of America, and the Manoto TV live – (پخش زنده تلویزیون منوتو), correspondingly.

Based on the findings of another piece of research, it has been determined that the poor quality of media programming in Iran is to blame for the fact that families have resorted to watching satellite channels and have developed a preference for watching this channel, which has been evaluated as being effective and capable of altering lifestyles. This network’s active audience categories include young women who are either housewives or working women, young women who are not married, and young students (and in particular, the program “Give Dinner” among families).

Programs on Manoto TV live – (پخش زنده تلویزیون منوتو)

The more privileged members of society are not the only ones who watch programming on this network; the more impoverished members of society are also viewers. The respondents all agreed that there is a significant gap between everyday living in Tehran and the kind of life and culture that is shown on this network. It is anticipated that in the next years, the influence of this network on Iranian society would become increasingly visible.

An article that examines the relationship between the lifestyle change patterns of Iranian women and the three satellite channels Jam, PMC, and Man and To finds that there is a significant relationship between the patterns presented by these channels and lifestyle changes. This finding was made in the context of the article that examines the lifestyle change patterns of Iranian women. This link between patterns and changes is a direct one, and it has been stated that it has the most significant influence on the way of life led by Iranian women who are a part of the Manoto TV live – (پخش زنده تلویزیون منوتو) network.

Director of Iran Media Project :

According to Mahmoud Enayat, who directs the Iran Media Project at the School of Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, “mass of people” are the rightful owners of this network, not the “upper class.” He is of the opinion that the formation of this network has significantly contributed to an improvement in the overall calibre of the broadcasting organization’s programming.

Professor Nasser Fakuhi from Tehran University thinks that satellite networks like Mena and Tou are part of a “well-organized onslaught” by Western powers. Fakuhi’s comments were made in reference to Mena and Tou. He believes that this effect is the outcome of the Iranian government’s meddling in the particulars of the lives of its citizens.

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