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IRIB Nasim TV Live – (پخش زنده شبکه نسیم)

IRIB Nasim TV Live – (پخش زنده شبکه نسیم), also known as Shibkah-e Nusim in Persian, is a television channel owned and operated by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and is transmitted across the world.
IRIB Nasim TV Live – (پخش زنده شبکه نسیم) is one of Iran’s more recent additions to the country’s television landscape, having first begun broadcasting in Tehran as part of a trial run on September 17, 2013, before becoming legally created on May 7, 2014 and beginning transmissions across the country on December 24, 2014. The channel provides a free-to-air, round-the-clock broadcast that features a variety of fun and entertaining programmes.

The IRIB Nasim TV Live – (پخش زنده شبکه نسیم) Sima network, which focuses on comedic programming and began broadcasting on September 26, 1392 in Tehran and throughout Iran on October 15 of the same year, is known for its early beginnings. Happiness, pleasure, memories, and a healthy dose of healthy competitiveness are condensed into the one word “Nasim.” Mohammad Ehsani is in charge of managing this network. Before him, Hossein Kerami was the one who was responsible for this. On November 9, 2019, reception of network programming through terrestrial and satellite receivers also began using the high-definition (HD) format and the HEVC coding standard.

21 channels that are broadcast :

IRIB Nasim TV Live – (پخش زنده شبکه نسیم) is now part of the total of 21 channels that are broadcast by the Broadcasting Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran and may be received on a digital television receiver. This network started its trial broadcast in Tehran on October 15, 1392, and finally, after 8 months, the IRIB Nasim TV Live – (پخش زنده شبکه نسیم) network was officially broadcast on May 17, 1393 (Khorshidi) in Kurdistan province, with the presence of Seyyed Ezzatullah Zarghami, its head, when the organisation of Sedavasima officially launched. This event took place with the presence of Seyyed Ezzatullah Zarghami, who was present. Launched. The Nasim network was the first countrywide broadcasting network to be created in a province other than Tehran province. This accomplishment was accomplished by Nasim.

IRIB Nasim TV Live - (پخش زنده شبکه نسیم)
Watch IRIB Nasim TV Live – (پخش زنده شبکه نسیم) | Live for free and HD quality .The IRIB Nasim is one of the newer television channels in Iran

Programs :

The Durhami programmes performed by Mehran Madiori and Khandwane performed by Rambad Javan are among the most watched programmes in the history of Islamic Republic of Iran Television and are broadcast on this network. Durhami programmes are also among the most watched programmes in the history of this network.

The Durhami is in the production plans (performer: Mehran Moderi)
Funny (performed by: Rambad Javan)
A late evening with Abdi (performer: Akbar Abdi)
A millennium of accounts (including roles played by Mohammadreza Shahidifard, Katayoun Riahi, Marjaneh Golchin, Amirhossein Rostami, Reza Rafi, Siavash Tahmourth, Behnoosh Bakhtiari, and Maryam Saadat, among many others)
The performance of Kamran Tafti is at this point in time.
Having An Intelligence Level Above Average (recognizing smart and elite people in an attractive competition)
special mode (TV series)
how many degrees


Please do not touch Giza Wireless (the world of electronic devices and social networks)
barbed wire that goes back and forth
Paint cocktail party at night watercolour
Nasim Danesh (preparation of the latest achievements in science and technology exhibitions)
Close-up view (behind the scenes of Iranian cinema films)
See and prepare food (cooking training with advertising and humor)
listen again
Open book (book introduction programme and the presence of book authors and artists)
Vitamin K Delvision
Recipes and words of wisdom
Time spent cooking
Neighbors is a series that is shown from Saturday to Saturday and is directed by Mehran Ghafourian. 5, 21:45
Domestic tourism and travel (18-episode series)
The Tale of Hazarpayan’s Legend (three-season series)
Sporting clays (3 season competition)
Cuff Guff
Forty pieces (4 season program)
The hip nuclear family (two-season competition)
Turn yourself become a kid (performed by: Hamid Gudarzi)

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