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Shabake Khabar live – (پخش زنده شبکه خبر)

The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Corporation is in charge of the Khabar network, which is one of Iran’s state-run television stations and broadcasts under the name “Khabar network.” Beginning on November 9, 2019, reception of network programming in high definition (HD) format and using the HEVC coding standard also began on terrestrial and satellite devices.

The process of merging the news centres of this organisation, namely the Broadcasting Agency, the Young Journalists Club, and the Khabar Network, will begin on March 15, 1400, according to the new policies of the Broadcasting Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In this regard, as of this date, the news sections at 8, 14, and 21 Channel One are simultaneously broadcast on the Khabar Network. Additionally, the special news discussion programme that airs on Channel Two is being combined with the headline show that airs on Khabar Network tonight. This new programme will be moved to Channel One and Khabar Network and will be aired at 21:45. Channel 2’s newscast at 22:30, which was known as “world news,” has likewise been taken off the air.The news broadcast that airs at 19:00 on channel one and the news broadcast that airs at 19:00 on the Khabar network have been combined. The news segment on channel five that airs at 24:00 and covers both Iranian and international news has been combined with the news segment on channel six. Midnight News on the Khabar network is an integrated and completely televised news programme that is available around the clock. This organisation plans to prioritise the process of combining its news departments with those of its other departments throughout the subsequent stage of its development.


A trial run of the Shabake Khabar live – (پخش زنده شبکه خبر) began on November 2, 1998, and it was officially launched on December 2, 1999, exactly one month later. For a period of twelve years, Ardeshir Zabelizadeh served as the manager of the Khabar news network. Abdolreza Bovali was recruited and appointed as the new director of Khabar News Network in 2013, after a change in management at the Broadcasting Organization. He remained at the helm of this network until November 1400, during which time he served in this capacity. Shahram Vothoqirad was given the responsibility of overseeing the network on November 9, 1400, as a result of an order issued by Peyman Jabali, the leader of the Broadcasting Organization. On March 29, 1400, Mohammad Reza Azarpandar was given the responsibility of overseeing the operation of this network. The emblem that represents this network may be found here. The network is now known as the Sada and Sima news agency, and its orange hue has been replaced with turquoise.

The goals and makeup of the network are discussed:

In accordance with the general policies and regulations of the Broadcasting Organization as well as the policies of the Islamic Republic, this network is tasked with a variety of responsibilities, including the gathering, receiving, preparing, and editing of, as well as the broadcasting of, news, news reports, and political programmes.

Spectrum of broadcasting:

The terrestrial analogue and digital transmitters operating on the UHF band make it possible for viewers throughout the majority of Iran to tune in to the programming broadcast by this network. In addition, the programmes of this network are sent to Iran and the majority of the rest of the globe through the satellites known as Intelsat 39, Badr 5, and Hotbird. Additionally, if you go to the website of the Broadcasting Organization, you’ll find that you may watch the Khabar network live. This station, along with all other television channels that are associated with the Islamic Republic of Iran, may be received at no cost. The programming of news networks are broadcast continuously throughout the day and night.

The many news segments and shows:

This Shabake Khabar live – (پخش زنده شبکه خبر) airs news for a total of 61 different parts throughout the course of 9:30 hours of coverage. In addition, the subtitle of the network reports the most recent news around the clock, covering topics such as general, political, economic, meteorological, religious, and sports news, among others. This network has established a number of specialised studios within the 110 Police Emergency Center, the Tehran Transport and Traffic Organization, and the Tehran Fire and Safety Services Organization, and it uses video communication to directly broadcast the most recent news from within these institutions. A new studio for the Khabar network is going to be established in Tehran’s stock market. This network also provides live coverage of several significant news events on a regular basis. A few examples of these events include the weekly news conference held by the spokesperson for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the speeches of influential political figures from Iran and other parts of the world, as well as important meetings of the Islamic Council, such as those held to conduct votes of confidence or to remove ministers from office. In spite of the many things that this network does, there are still complaints lodged against it. For instance, in a report written by Milad Zulfiqari, Mashreq News identifies the absence of values in the operations of the Khabar network as the most significant flaw in the organisation and refers to it as a neutral network. Zulfiqari’s article was published.

Information that is both false and contentious:

Roger Waters, a well-known English musician and songwriter, was featured on the Khabar network in December 2019 as an expert on political problems while he was speaking out against the administration of the United States of America.

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